05/17 - Well, getting the passports has been a real ordeal. Applied 2/23 and expected to receive them within 8 weeks. After several unsuccessful calls to the 'customer service' folks I called the office of our Congressman. The young lady was very helpfull and said she would be able to get them ASAP. She called back the next day and told me that she too, had a difficult time even getting through on the Congressional help line. However, it was taken care of and they would be delivered via overnight Thursday. At 10AM FedEx knocked at our door and we had them! At 11AM we rolled out of the driveway.

05/18 - Spent the day with Helen, Arnie and Adam in Galt. (Grandma needed to play with Adam)  

05/19 - Left Galt and headed for our first stop. One of Elena's favorite establishments. The Indian Casino in Redding. Of course we had to sign up for their Players Club Card. (our collection is growing) For signing up we were each given a really nice mug, so two more for my collection. Free overnight RV parking was available. However, the 'free' carried a cost and Elena will not tell me how much... (Guess I am better off not knowing!)

05/20 - Left about 8:30 and headed north. Decided to take the scenic route up Hwy 97 instead of Hwy 5. Beautiful country and little traffic. We have seen Hwy 5 many times and a change was in order. Arrived at Stacy's RV Park in West Fir about 4PM. It was recommended by the woman at the welcome center near Klamath Falls. Several travelers had mentioned it to her as one of the nicest they had seen. They were right. Great location next to a branch of the Willamette River and spotlessly clean. However, we had and 'Oregon Carwash' on the way up and now it was raining hard. So out came the George Forman Grill instead of the BBQ. Will get some pictures of the place tomorrow as it is supposed to be a nice day.


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