Heading South towards the USA

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07/16/07 - On the way to Revelstoke to see the train museum. Went over Rogers Pass and stopped to see the Spiral Tunnels, Canada's version of the Tehachapi Loop. Saw what we could of a train passing but the view was blocked by many trees. Nice model and explanation of the construction. Checked in to the Lamplighter RV Park which was one of the nicer parks we had stayed in. Even had grassy sites. Looked around the town and visited the Train Museum which had a nicely restored Mikado, and good displays of the early Trans Canada Railway.  Never realized just how big a Mikado was.  Got out the BBQ and made a couple of steaks and off to bed for a bit of rest.

07/17/07 - Enroute to Lake Kokanee  we crossed Galena Bay on the ferry. Had to wait patiently in line for about 1 1/2 hrs as the ferry is not very big. Counted 17 cars and 6 RV when one of the trips unloaded. The road was a pretty drive but was through mountains and along the shoreline. Found a parking place between Keslo and Balfour. Hooked up and headed over to a nice Marina and PUB that came highly recommended for its fish and chips. Had a bowl of excellent French Onion Soup and Halibut and chips. Took half back for lunch as we could not finish it! The owner came by and we talked for about 15 minutes about the fishing. The wall was full of photos of 20 lb and bigger trout! Looks like a fine place to spend a week with a boat.

07/18/07 - Started down the road for the next ferry. This time we checked the schedule and planned to get there before it filled up. This ferry crossed Kokanee Lake and was about a 40 minute trip. BIG ferry! Handles about 75 cars. After crossing we spent the next 3 hours in the mountains heading towards the USA. Found the border and passed with minimal problems. They did inspect the refrigerator but let us through with our Alaska purchased steaks. We were very impressed with their professionalism and friendly treatment. Passed through Bonners Ferry and Couer d Alene and there on the side of the road was A CASINO. The truck automatically turned in and parked. We had a fantastic buffet and Elena paid her dues. About 11 PM a serious thunderstorm hit with some heavy rain and a lot of lightning. 

07/19/07 - Not sure where we will stop, but heading towards Winnemucca Nevada. Too far for one day, but one long and a short is fine. Stopped at the Snake River RV Resort for the night. Somewhat south of Boise. Another beautiful park with perfectly maintained grass, trees, wide sites and right on the shore of the Snake River. Arrival was late so eat and sleep is the order of the day. Time to play tomorrow!

07/20/07 - Easy drive to Winnemucca down Hwy 95 and into the Hi Desert RV Park. Elena hit the laundry room and I stuck my foot in the pool. First pool we have seen on the entire trip. Chose to not stick anything more in the pool as the water feels like something we saw the day we toured a glacier. On the way todiner at the Old Winnemucca Hotel the truck made a sudden turn to the left and stopped at Winners Casino. Gonna have to talk to this truck... The dinner was not like we had hoped for. The old owner that served us so well 15 years ago has gone on. The decor is still the same. Original 1863 paint still on the walls but the menu although similar is not the same. Soup (poor) Salad (good) Beans (good) Rice (bad) Stew (almost meatless) T-Bone Steak (decent) and Coffee (true Basque boiled for hours). No lamb, no desert. And very few customers. Guess we will have to try one of the several 'new' Basque restaurants next trip. Back to the casino where Elena recoer her last several days losses!   

07/21/07 - Rolled on in to Reno and parked at the Silver Spur RV Park. A really fine place right across the street from the Peppermill Casino.  Spotlessly clean and the spaces are wide enough to park the truck besides the trailer.   Spent the afternoon looking at RV Parks around Reno as the Boomtown park is now KOA and I try to avoid them like the plague. Conversations with others indicate I am not alone. Also rumor has it that the Boomtown KOA is being poorly maintained.  Had the buffet (felt like the WHOLE THING) for dinner and Elena terrorized the slots for a while. Could not resist the deserts displayed so picked up a box of calories and back to the camper. 



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